The Secret of Sri Yantra

Yantra can be artlessly explained as a all-powerful geometry. There are abounding yantras. The a lot of able yantra is alleged as Sri Yantra. It is aswell alleged as Sri Chakra.

This has been admirable in a defined address from time age-old in India. This is a attribute of both the Universe and its cause.

Sir John Woodroffe (1865-1936) in his book, Shakti and Shakta has explained it in detail thus:

It is composed of two sets of Triangles. One set is composed of four macho or Shiva triangles alleged Shrikanthas cogent four aspects of acquired or bound Consciousness-Power, and the 5 changeable or Shakti triangles denote the 5 basic functions, the 5 senses of knowledge, the 5 senses of action, and the 5 attenuate and the 5 gross forms of matter.

These two sets of triangles are superimposed to appearance the abutment of Shiva and Shakti. As so affiliated they accomplish the amount aural the eight lotus petals in the abounding Yantra. Outside these eight lotuses there are sixteen added lotuses. There are some added curve which is alleged as Bhupura. It serves as a fence.

The Sri Yantra should not be hanged on a wall. It have to be kept collapsed or accumbent to the arena and have to be admirable circadian with offerings. It should not be fatigued on ground, wall, or plank.

Even there is a assigned way to draw the Yantra to the actual proportion.

Sri Chakra fatigued on a plate, antithesis or disc of gold, silver, chestnut or any added actual can be beat on being as talisman.

Sri Chakra can be admirable by one and all irrespective of religion, degree or creed, sex or age, adolescent or old, top or low, the abstruse or apprenticed and the affluent or poor.

The abstruse of Sri Yantra adoration is that It will accord wealth, bloom and aloft all salvation.

We may acquisition Srichakra in all states of India, namely Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Madya Pradesh, Pondicherry, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh etc.

Swami Pranavananda has visited about all the places area Sri Yantra has been installed. He has accustomed data of one hundred and eighty places in detail in his absurd book blue-blooded ‘A Treatise on Sricakra’

It is absorbing to agenda that Sankara the abundant adept of advaita visited Kashmir and congenital a temple there on a hillock. He has installed one Srichakra aswell there afterwards which the basic of Kashmir was called Srinagara addition name of Srichakra.

Knowing the abounding data of all the one hundred and eighty places area these capsules of catholic activity were installed will affect anniversary and every one.

Whoever is absorbed in Sri Yantra should aswell apprehend the allegation of the scientist Alexi Kulaichev.

In my next commodity I will explain the accurate allegation as able-bodied as the Scriptures version.

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